Easily convert (import) Excel table to Latex

Are you looking for a tool or addon that lets you easily import data from an
Excel Sheet in to Latex as a Table? If yes, your search ends here.

Excel2LaTeX is an Excel addon that allows you to transform the current selection
from Excel to Latex with just a single click.

Text formatting (bold, italic) is retained and multi-column cells are supported.
Border lines can be retained, or replaced with the style of formatting
recommended by the booktabs package. The generated LaTeX code can also be
placed in a floating table environment. The LaTeX code can be copied to the
clipboard or saved as a LaTeX file, which then can be included in an existing
LaTeX document using the \input command.

You can download the addon here.
Download Link: Excel2Latex.zip
Installing the addon:
Download and save the zip archive to desktop. Extract files from the zip archive.
Just open the file Excel2LaTeX.xla in Excel. A new menu item will appear in
'Tools' menu and there will be a new Toolbar with one button on it. If you plan
to use the program frequently you can save it in your addin directory and add it
with tools/add-in. This way it will be loaded whenever excel is opened.

Using the addon:
1. First select the table in latex that you want to convert.
2. Now hit the new button.
3. You can save the result to a file, or on the clipboard to paste it in Latex


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